Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blog Notice

To author, publishers and agents, 

If you are looking to get your book reviewed then i'm very sorry, I'm way behind on my reading schedule since 2011 and i'm going through them at a much slower pace than I intended.

I will be posting reviews but won't be able to accept any review request till August, 2012. 

Again very sorry.

But, I'm open to interviews and giveaways. 

Also, Le' Grande Codex is about to turn 1 in 53 days to publishers and authors if you wish to present your books as a giveaway then don't hesitate to email me at - aparajita[underscore]19[at]hotmail[dot]com

You could always go for my virtual book tour program TOURZ DE CODEX, 

With reasonable rates.

Want to promote your book, go here -


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