Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Prince William and Kate: A Royal Romance

Biographies or Autobiographies or even Non Fictions are not my thing but i do love to read them if the person in question is interesting and yes if the subject is the English royal family then they are pretty much included in the interesting faction and I chanced upon netgalley and got to read this ARC(advanced reader copy) of Prince William and Kate: A Royal Romance by Matt Deoden.

Here is the summary :

On April 29, 2011, the whole world watched as Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton exchanged marriage vows. This royal wedding was one of the most anticipated events in England in recent years. Ever since the couple officially announced their engagement in November 2010, every detail of the wedding has captured headlines around the globe. Why all the excitement? William is second in line to become Britain’s king. William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales is the firstborn child of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales. And through marriage to William, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton—known as Kate—turned from a commoner into a duchess. If William becomes king one day, Kate will be the Queen Consort. Follow the couple’s royal romance from their first meeting at the University of St. Andrews, through the ups and downs of their relationship, to the romantic wedding ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey.

Although the entire details presented in the book was pretty much showcased on news channels around the world during their wedding preparations but most of audience to which this book is targeted wasn’t yet born when Diana’s death happened, so the short review within the first few pages was just perfectly sized, considering that this isn’t the story of Diana and her children, but of William himself and of his history with Kate. Not too long, not too short, and perfectly reverent.

The titular character - personality of the book are upon whom the whom the whole thing is based upon. The book goes on to chronicle William’s history up until he meets Kate, and then it’s a joint history leading up to their wedding. Considering that this is a middle-grade book that will probably be ending up in elementary and middle school libraries all over the States (and other places too), there is a lot of information contained within these few pages that will hold the attention of these readers quite easily. The glossy pictures and the articulated pages don’t hurt, either, especially when it comes to digesting all of this information.

The writing is straightforward, with very little in the way of speculation or gossip and the author has included definitions of some words that may be new to the intended audience. (Example: “perceptive” – able to see and understand things clearly.) The new Royals seem to have given hope back to the world, even though their power is more or less just constitutional anyway. Everyone roots for the underdog, and for a long time William was the underdog due to the obstacles thrown at him by life and his family.

While not for the seasoned royal watcher, Prince William & Kate: A Royal Romance is, all-in-all, a good introduction to the newlyweds for the pre-teen crowd.

Genre :      Non-Fiction, Auto biography

PublisherLerner Publishing Group

My Copy : Courtesy of netgalley

Rate:              3/5 (Liked it)


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