Sunday, 29 May 2011

Guardians of Ga’hoole Book 6: The Burning

Book 6 The Burning,  Soren and his band of owls have gone to the Northern Kingdoms with several different tasks to prepare for the upcoming war with the Pure Ones. They are charged with doing research, recruiting help from the Northern Forces, and training with new ice weapons. This is a highly dangerous mission and there is a chance they could be killed. Each maturing owl will be tested mentally and physically preparing for and fighting in the war against the Pure Ones. 

The Burning had the most action of any of the books in the series so far. It also had great descriptions of the Northern Kingdoms, and an incredible encounter with a polar bear! I enjoyed how each owl matures and how their individual personalities start to come through a bit more. I will be interested to see how they will change further and if their relationships with each other will change in the upcoming books of the series.
Pamela Garelick has created a rich collection of voices and gives a spirited narration. It was one of the best audiobooks I have ever heard. This wasn’t the best book in the series, I think, but it was a terrific ending. (At least I think it’s the end) It was well written, and a great book. I won’t say too much, so I don’t spoil it. I think if you’ve finished Ga-Hoole, turn your attention to the Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. Those are longer, and most Lasky fans will enjoy them.

Genre :       Fiction, Children's

Publisher : Scholastic

Rate :         5/5 (It was amazing)


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