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Guardians of Ga’hoole Book 11: To Be A King

Book 11 and the final book of the Legends Triology, To Be A King was likable not excellent for besides a few errors, the author didn’t tie up all of the loose ends as effectively as in her previous books.
The things I liked about this book in particular were the creative new characters, a new romance, and Hoole’s transition from being a chick to an adult, from being a follower to a leader. Part of the book centers on the forces of evil (Pleek, Ygryk, Kreeth, and Lutta, Pleek and Ygryk’s “daughter”), while the other part centers on the newly formed Guardians of Ga’Hoole.

This book basically lays the foundation for the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, the sea of Hoolmere and the Island of Hoole. The final battle for the N’rythghar is waged. While King Hoole reigns over the S’rthgahr, chaos runs rampant in the N’rythghar. Lord Arrin is ammassing an army for a final invasion, while kraals, Ullryck’s hagsfiend troops, and a mad upstart owl’s forces fight for the spoils. King Hoole must also form an army before Short Light, or lose all hope of ever reclaiming his father’s throne. Hoole gains new allies: Strix Strumajen the Spotted Owl, Sir Bors the Barn Owl, Sir Tobyfor the Northern Hawk Owl, Lord Rathnik the Snowy Owl, and many others.

New, dark forces also lurk, preparing to strike and steal the Ember of Hoole: the archfiend Kreeth, and the changeling bird Lutta. Lutta transforms into Emerilla, Strix Strumajen’s lost daughter, in order to gain Hoole’s trust and steal the Ember. But Lutta finds something much more than just the Ember…

There are also deaths in To Be A King, but nothing too disappointing. Basically, the entire book explains how the Guardians of Ga’Hoole came to be.

But there were some problems in the book. Some parts were poorly edited, and had many errors. At the end, it was unclear whether or how Lord Arrin, Ullryck, and Shadyk were defeated and/or killed. Sure, Hoole and the Guardians triumphed, but the whole battle was mostly vague.
Other than that, To Be A King is a great ending for the Legends trilogy and provides some insight on Book 12, The Golden Tree.

Genre :       Fiction, Children's

Publisher : Scholastic

Rate :         5/5 (It was amazing)


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